Jessica has chosen not to resume in-person sessions at this time due to the pandemic, but she is offering online training and a limited number of one-on-one sessions via Zoom.
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Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Helping busy people feel stronger in their work & lives without overwhelming their schedule or draining their energy.



Find more energy to do the things you love.

You know that eating well and strengthening your body will help because you've done it in the past.  

But you just can't seem to stick with the routine when work & life get busy.

Jessica has been there.  She knows how frustrating it can feel.  But she also knows you can move forward -- and she can help you find a sustainable way to reach your health and fitness goals.

We aren't talking about a quick fix or an intense 21-day challenge.  

We're talking about a lifestyle change -- a change that you can maintain on your hardest days, not just your best days -- a change created by a program that fits in with your wants & needs.



Hear What Others Have to Say

I had never been to a gym before and it was all very intimidating to me going in.  Jessica has a very easy-going and friendly personality which made for a very comfortable atmosphere.  She places value on the correct form for each exercise.   Since working with Jessica, I have built muscle, gotten stronger and more flexible, and improved my balance.   She was the perfect trainer to get me working with weights and to get me motivated to keep working at it.


Jessica drives me forward get things done.  She has helped me increase my strength, decrease my worries around my shoulder injury, and make exercise more enjoyable.  Her sense of humor has helped to make the last few months of training fun and I'm looking forward to many more.


I cannot possibly put into words how grateful I am that I met Jessica and how much she taught me while we worked together.  I came to adore Jessica and really looked forward to our time together each week.  She listened to what I wanted to achieve, helped me to recognize some other things I should work on and created an exercise regime I can do easily.  With Jessica, I was able to increase my strength, build muscle and endurance, and understand good form.


Jessica is so easy to work with.  She's personable, encouraging, and makes me feel like a rock star.  She's very attentive to my form and mindful of my goals.  She keeps me accountable and truly cares about my success!




1.  Fill out an application by clicking the link below.

2.  We'll spend about 15 minutes chatting by phone to review your goals and give you an overview of our programs.

3.  If we're a good fit, we'll schedule you for your free Strategy Session.  In this 45-minute appointment, we'll dig deeper into your goals and history and determine which program is the best fit for you.

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